David Miller 2020

Images in reverse chronological order. “Zoom children” December down to “Hosusai sparrow” January. There is a some narrative about a few of these images on my GFX21 Exhibition page here.

“Zoom children”; graphic pencil
“a field in Braithwaite”, oil & collage, 57x75cm,
“#26 big”; oil, 57x57cm;
“doctor in the house”; oil on prepared paper,38x45cm
“video call”, oil on paper, 38x45cm
untitled, oil
#11, oil on canvas, 15x15cm
“floppy hat blue dress”, 40x50cm, oil
“midsummer winter coat”,38x55cm, oil
“woman with flower pot”, oil on acrylic, 38x42cm
“Maddy between patients”,oil on canvas, 20x30cm
“pot, vase and mirror”, oil, 40x44cm
“#7”; oil
“#8”,oil, 10x10cm
“life painting – last GF before Covid-19 shutdown”, 40x45cm
pit valley beck, oil on paper, 42x41cm
“Hokusai sparrow”; carbon pencil, pastel, collage on acrylic ground