go figure – Cumbria life artists

Life sessions  normally run in 10 week cycles. Occasionally the session continues into the afternoon as an option for artists.

All sessions are on a Friday.

Model arrives at 9:30am and starts at 9:45pm.

Please arrive between 9am and 9:30 to set up your easel and help with setting up the hall. Normally there is a 15 minute refreshment break at 10:45. The session finishes at 1pm  Please help to clear away.

Normal session structure is several short poses between 9:45 – 10:30am. then one or more long poses between 10:30am -1pm, with a 15 minute tea break at 10:45am.

Charges for 9:45-1pm sessions: Pre-payment for cycle of ten sessions £65; pay-as-you-go £10 a session.

3:   Jan.5th Jude (Caroline)

4:        12th Caf (Michelle)

—–1 week break 19th——

5:        26th Paul R (Caroline and Frankie)

6:   Feb.2nd Paul R

7:           9th Bridget (Dave) FULL DAY OPTION –-this session resumes 1:30-4pm (extra £6 for all)

8:         16th Bridget (Gina)

—–1 week break 23rd——

9: Mar. 2nd Paul H. (Caroline and Frankie)

10:        9th  Paul H.

1:         16th  Pre-pay  £65 for 10 weeks

2:          23rd

—– 2 weeks Easter break 30th and 6th——

3: Apr. 13th

4:         20th

5:         27th

6:  May 4th

7:        11th

—–1 week break 18th——

8:        25th

9: June 1st

10:       8th

1:       15th   Pre-pay  £40 for 6 weeks

2:      22nd

3:       29th

4: July  6th

5:       13th

6:       20th