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go figure – Cumbria life artists

colour code for listing below:   Model     In charge of poses    In charge of refreshments

UPDATE (April 2021): We have booked the hall to restart in September 2021. We hope to have a few outdoor sessions during the summer. (We expect many people will be visiting friends and relatives throughout this summer and will not be able to attend).

UPDATE (September 2020): We hope to restart Go Figure sessions in the hall in March 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTICE (early March 2020): Regrettably, we have decided to suspend all Go Figure sessions after 13th March because of the developing Coronavirus situation.

The sessions that never happened:

2:        13th. (2pm finishAndrea     Dave   John This turned out to be our last indoor session of 2020.

3:        20th.   Paul H*     Caroline    Amanda cancelled

4:         27th.  Paul H*   Amanda    Julie cancelled


5:          17th April.   Ursula*   Caroline.   cancelled

6:          24th.   (2pm finish)  Ursula *   Gina cancelled

7:            1st May.   Natasha*   Martin     cancelled

8:           8th.   Natasha     Dave cancelled

9:           15th. Carlie-Rose   Dave   cancelled

10:         22nd. (2pm finish) Carlie-Rose   Caroline.  cancelled

29th —-no session——–

1:          5th June (pre-pay £45 for 7 sessions 

2:          12th*

3:         19th

4:          26th

5:          3rd July

6:         10th

7:          17th

—————-summer break————-

Artists interested in participating in Go Figure should contact David Miller or attend in the company of a member (someone who regularly pre-pays).

Sessions  normally run in 10 week cycles.

All sessions are on a Friday.

Artists must bring their own equipment.

There is no formal tutoring.

Model arrives at 9:30am and starts at 9:45pm.

Most sessions finish at 1pm, some finish at 2pm.

Artists, please arrive between 9am and 9:30 to help with setting up the hall.

There is a 15 minute refreshment break either at 10:45 (1pm finish) or 11:15(2pm finish)

At the end of the session please help to clear away. To maintain the viability of the group it’s important that as many artists as possible know where everything goes, how the heating works etc.

In charge of poses

There is a voluntary rota of members who manage each session. This involves collaborating with the model on the poses and making sure suitable props are available on the day and communicating how the session will be structured to everyone on the GF mailing list.

The form of each session varies depending on who is running it. Poses vary in length considerably.

The artist in charge of the session is shown in magenta in the list above.

In charge of refreshments 

The artist responsible for working with the model at a session is NOT responsible for refreshments. There is a separate rota for refreshments. This includes making sure tea, coffee, milk and  biscuits/cakes are available and the kitchen is tidied up at the end. The artist responsible for refreshments each week is shown in green in the list above.

Please sign up to the refreshments rota if you don’t want to or aren’t able to take charge of a modelling session. You can sign up at a session or email Bridget Stanley. To check which sessions need volunteers see below.You can claim back money you pay out for refreshments – see Jane.

Go Figure is not a business. The only people who get paid are the models.

Go Figure is like a  club without officers or formal rules – so please muck in to make it work.

Charges to artists: Pre-payment for cycle of ten sessions £65; visitors £10 a 9:45-1pm session and £12 a 9:45-2pm session.

Go Figure seeks to follow RAM (Register of Artists’ Models) guidelines.

(No photography of models. Please don’t ask the models, it is Go Figure policy.)