Workshop for Penrith Art Club – Drawing the Clothed Figure,

Saturday 19th October. Newbiggin Village Hall, Penrith.

10am – 4pm

charge: £29 Penrith Art Club members, others £31

to book: contact Jenny Higgins 01768362985 or

Please see the flyer for the structure of the day.

Materials: For this workshop I recommend using charcoal or pencil for the shorter poses. For the long poses you might want to switch to pastel or coloured pencil. I recommend you use a medium that you can easily rub back. (You can bring other media such as acrylic, oil, ink pens if you wish). You are welcome to bring your own paper etc but I will have available for purchase sheets of A3 and A2 paper, charcoal, graphite and carbon pencils and triangular erasers. You can borrow an A2 or A3 board from me. (If you want to use an easel please bring your own). I suggest you bring a cloth to wipe your hands with while you are working.I f you tend to get bits of charcoal, pastel etc on the floor please also bring a cloth or similar to protect the hall floor and make cleaning easier.

I think there will be about 12 people doing this workshop. I’d like everyone to be no more than about 10 feet from the model. That means if you want to spread out sideways with your materials you may have to position yourself outside of the main arc of artists.

Can you arrive by 9:45 please so you can get set up before we start at 10am. There is very good parking at the hall.

If you want to do some practice before this workshop you could do worse than take a look at “Drawing People: how to portray the clothed figure” by Barbara Bradley. Details here (personally I avoid buying anything form Amazon – your local bookshop can easily get it for you or eBay, maybe its even in the library!).

The sketches below are all done on A2 paper and are all life drawings. Counting across rows the media are: 1,2,3: carbon pencil and soft pastel,; 4: coloured pencil; 5,6: carbon pencil; 7,8; charcoal; 9: carbon pencil and graphite powder.