Here is some of my work in 2021.

G reading 14-1-21
G headphones film 19-1-21
G 27-1-21

From 6th -31st January I did a drawing of Glenda every day using graphic pencil, carbon pencil or charcoal. She was reading, watching a film or looking for birds on the feeder.


Saw a lost squashed face mask in the gutter.

February starts to feel like Winter might end.

Oil and carbon pencil on acrylic ground, 40x60cm.

Read me #29
Read me #35
Chinty’s Cafe, oil, 44x40cm

“Read me” faces, oil on canvas blocks, 15x15cm -March. “Read me”paintings, mugs and fridge magnets can be found in Chinty’s Cafe, St. John’s Street, Keswick.

unseen animals, oil, 42x40cm
extinct species, oil, 42x40cm

After sketching in Castlehead Wood

G 06-05-21, oil, 29x33cm
G 10-05-21, oil, 29x33cm

Cold wet days in early May

(untitled), oil, 42x42cm approx

Kendal yards and lanes