David Miller 2021

Here is some of my work in 2021.

From 6th -31st January I did a drawing of Glenda every day using graphic pencil, carbon pencil or charcoal. She was reading, watching a film or looking for birds on the feeder.

During the triennial December chuck-out I discovered three drawings I’d put away unfinished. I finished two of them off in early February. “dover beck” now incorporates a bit of my granddaughter Robyn’s “Sparrow” and “the news” combines part of a 2017 watercolour “zootoca vivipara“, a sketch of a spider plant from my right-hand sketchbook and sketches made in The Tate St. Ives of pots by Shoji Hamada.

These “read me” heads are two of the four I started doing at the back end of 2020. They both started as scaled-up copies of small 15x15cm heads I did in 2019-20. Scaling-up demanded and provided the opportunity for different textures and details. For “#27” all the colour except the three primaries comes from using white paint to pick up carbon from the underdrawing.

I suppose you might call this a triptych. It is mainly oil paint and was inspired by an object seen in the gutter outside our house. Each section is about 36x50cm. The steel-blue colour is acrylic embedded in the protective gesso layer on the paper.

My March project is to do some painting inspired by the intimate relationships trees can have with rocks . I’m pencil sketching in Castlehead Wood every day. Then at home I’m developing oil paintings inspired by the wood and the sketches. I aim to do 12 by the end of the month. I’ll put photos of them below as I go. This is the first one (actually done at the end of February because I was keen to get started when the rain stopped).

“Castlehead Wood 7346”; oil, soft pastel and carbon pencil; 55x73cm