Elli Logan-Airey

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tel: 016973 49704

During the lockdowns of 2020 and now 2021, I sought solace in my art practice and have used the spare time to experiment significantly with media. Whilst fortunate to stay safe in terms of my own health and that of most of my immediate family, (I am just about to have my jab), my husband was hospitalised 3 times in 2020 with a respiratory condition, though this wasn’t COVID-19. Keeping an eye on the main news, I have turned away from the seriously scary issues, wanting nourishment rather than pressure. (I am glad to say my husband is now stable). Consequently, my subject matter became still life objects and flowers and a blackbirds’ nest, and the allotments at Fletchertown, all comforting areas of exploration. Armed with more brushes I am progressing my oil painting, and intend relating to ’ 2021, The International Year of Fruit and Vegetables.’ Previously, I identified more as a figurative artist, but with no life models recently available, I was left with portraiture, and thus have drawn both myself and my husband. I am looking very gloomy – in the first ever portrait of myself. My endeavours have been supported by the members of the West Cumbrian branch of the Eden Valley Artistic Network. During the break between the 2020 lockdowns, Brian and I, and Tiger the terrier, managed a short holiday break with our caravan, but all the galleries were shut, and my efforts were limited then to my sketch books, which with photographs, I always maintain.

I have enjoyed the recent varied art programmes on the TV and being more online has enabled connections to be made and maintained. I am following the Pottery Throwdown series and look forward to the return in February of Grayson Perry.

I am pleased to report that I was successful in having work accepted by the SPA Judges, in summer 2020, that is for the Scottish Portrait Awards, and it was gratifying to see my work online. I had 2 portraits accepted. I was born in Dundee in Scotland and so eligible to enter. Also, my images of storm-tossed trees (the hedge trees seen near my studio at Fletchertown) were picked out by one of the judges, Tabish Khan, of the Discerning Eye International Exhibition and consequently I exhibited 4 images with this show. They were a set of box framed canvas prints. Some gratification in very troubling times.

  • The Blackbirds’ Nest / pen and watercolour and water based oils
  • The Blackbirds’ Nest and Red Feather/ pen and watercolour
  • Stormy Trees / box canvas photograph
  • Along the Loch Edge/ acrylic
  • Still Life with Lemons/ watercolour and acrylic
  • Apples; sketchbook/ water soluble pencils
  • Portrait of Brian My Husband/ pastel on paper
  • Blue Mood/ watercolour
  • On the Road to Grasmere/ watercolour