“fingerprints”, pastel, 2019
“woman with flower pot”, oil on acrylic, 38x42cm, 2020
pit valley beck, oil on paper, 42x41cm,2020
family collective memory of front room at 30 Ashfield Ave, Kings Heath, late 1990s, 60x40cm, ink and coloured pencil, 2018
“hd”, pastel and acrylic, 2019
child, charcoal pencil, 60×40, 2016
“idea”, pencil on A2 approx,2015
“labour of love 02-06-13” charcoal on Daler Rowney heavyweight paper,2013
G 27-1-21, 2021
doctor in the house, oil, 2020
‘secrets”, watercolour, 2017
Feral, 54x70cm, 2017
“figure with unknown life forms”, oil on acrylic. ground, 40x58cm, 2019
J&S dressing up, oil, 40x60cm, 2015
“Kandy” – oil on canvas 28x28cm, 2011

#11, oil on canvas, 15x15cm, 2020
“cat”, pastel,2019
“G 07-18”, pastel, A2, 2019
“knitting study”, ink pen,2017
three poses at LIE, oil, 60x20cm, 2016
“Melissa and the goldfish” – oil on canvas 40x40cm, 2014
“drift away” – watercolour approx 27x27cm, 2013
“shoreline” – oil on cotton duck canvas 61x61cm, 2012