Gill Scrivens

I am only an occasional “artist”.  Although I have no art training beyond O level 60 years ago I have always enjoyed drawing since childhood – particularly of the human face and figure and have particularly enjoyed Go Figure sessions over the years.  I have dabbled in paint but prefer graphite and charcoal pencils.  My 2020 pictures tend to be very personal and reflect my mood during this difficult time.  

  • Jacob

During Lockdown 1 I really missed my grand children.  The GF Zoom sessions encouraged me to start drawing again, so portraits of grandchildren made me happy.  Jacob is as calm and gentle as his portrait suggests.

  • Funny Face

Katie had to stay in the car for 3/4 hour while parents visited the garden centre in July – only 2 per family permitted.  She was not best pleased! I love her mobile face which reflects her lively, funny personality.

(Above left: Go Figure Outdoors “Enjoying the sun” and “Sophisticated lady”.)
It was a joy to have a few weeks in the Summer when we were able to meet outdoors to draw our models again.  It almost felt like normal life but too quickly finished at the end of August.

(Above “Portrait GF model 1.  A Strong Face” and “Portrait GF model 2 Nearly Asleep”). 
From September, I didn’t draw for a few weeks due to illness and stiff fingers but, once recovered, encouraged by GF Zoom friends, revisited previous portraits from GF sessions, enhanced them, drew Funny-face and decided to keep drawing from family photos – I am determined to capture the mercurial personalities of the youngest members- till I can return to the world of live GF sessions.  So thank you GF.  2020 Zoom sessions have been Art Therapy for me.  Members are always accepting and non-judgemental – a “safe space”.

  • John

Husband John is the poet who composed the sonnet below.  It reflects our experiences of self isolation and later of shielding because of illness but set amid the most beautiful countryside in the world, for which we are so grateful.  There is the sense of a year of lost when our time is now short.