Gina Farncombe

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Gina’s Story Started March 15th, 2020.

Today I got COVID-19. It felt like I had really bad Flu.  I went to sleep for about a week and then got better. It left me without energy and always tired.  By then we were in our first Lock Down.

I decided to paint myself better. Each window of my house is a canvas. 

  •  View from Sitting Room, acrylic

I had been working with a very limited palette of Yellow ochre, Ultramarine, Alizarin Crimson and White.  I painted 15 small canvasses with acrylic.

I dug our garden up and planted vegetables.  I grew yellow tomatoes!  Friends kindly gave me seeds for everything I grew.  Allowed myself to splash out in colour but still using acrylic.

  •  Yellow Tomatoes, acrylic

Locked Down and Blocked In.  Watermillock Common

GoFigure started Zooming – an inspiration for me to hear what others were working on and steered me towards being more inventive.

We invented Isolation Art School within our family.  I taught my grandchildren and a group of their friends every Monday morning on Zoom. It was fun and messy.  A wonderful piece by Bea aged 12.  Apologies for photo.  Sadly, the only one!

  •  Bea’s Isolation Art School Piece

The world raged on in this of all years. COVID Pandemic. Brexit. Trump….. I started painting fish for a commission.  I got engrossed in their lives and habitat.

  •  Rainbow Trout, oil

Then we went to Scotland with electric bikes on the back of our campervan.  Richard’s hip was so bad he couldn’t do any fell walking, but he could cycle – my paints travelled in my bike bag.

  • Sunlit Loch, oil

And then it was Lock Down again.  I started painting fruit and veg.  I love to paint outside but the weather was always raining and of course I got addicted to these wonderful colours and shapes – and then you can EAT them.

  • Fruit and Veg Series, oil

Richard had his hip replaced.  What a miracle operation.  I looked after him while his hip healed.  He was a wonderful model.  Thank goodness for i-phones!

  • Richard’s i-phone – Goggling Post Hip Op, acrylic

Locked Down and Blocked In – again!  The second week in January 2021 the skies darkened and snow locked us into a silent world.

  • Locked Down and Blocked In.  Watermillock Common, acrylic

I wish it would snow again.  I love these winter colours.