Jean Grubb

The two extremes of 2020 for me … having a wonderful time in the garden then the stress of work!

Art very much took a back seat for me after A level. In spite of my husband’s encouragement I rarely took up pencil or brush.

As I approached retirement I happened on some workshops in Tullie House with Celia Burbush. 

In conversation with Caroline Davies I was invited to a couple of events one of which was a Life session in Braithwaite. When I started I had a total lack of confidence in my ability. For the past 4 years the group has been a support and inspiration. 2020 sessions have been limited but thanks to zoom and the rest of the group I feel even more motivated. Thank you fellow Go Figure members. Roll on 2021, brushes at the ready.

  1. “Do Something with the Pumpkin”
  2.   Greenhouse Rose

  1.   Braithwaite en Plein Air
  2.   Darling Dee
  3.   Lockdown Life Drawing with the BBC
  4.   Mabel’s Eye

  1.   From the Terrace, Kelso ‘20
  2.   Adam and Eve

  1.   Harker Sunset

So that was 2020 for me.