Julie Inkersole

Website: https://jinksinksart.wixsite.com/jinksinksart

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jinks.inks.art/

Email: jinks.inks.art@gmail.com

When I moved to Cumbria last summer, I was lucky enough to be introduced to “GoFigure”, a friendly, dynamic and inspiring group of arty bods who share a love of trying to capture the human form in one medium or another.  I have had a fun time this year getting back into art and experimenting with creating simple line drawings with both “GoFigure “and out and about around my new Cumbrian home.  I have mostly played with a mix of pen and ink, crayon and watercolour. 

  • Me – pencil     size – 10×12 inches
  • Masked Reader – pen and watercolour     size – 10×12 inches

  • Aria Force – Part 1 – pen and crayon     size – 7×9 inches
  • The Great Escape – A Squawking Skedaddle – acrylic on box canvas      16×23 inches

  • Tyne Bridge – Reflections – pen and ink     size – 8×8 inches (Source Material – with kind permission of Adam Lang of Lang Shot Photography, Gateshead)
  • Jazz Sax – pen and ink     size – 8×8 inches

Whilst drawing from life with “GoFigure” is sadly on hold, over the next few months, I plan to play around with the sketches I’ve already made with “GoFigure” and elsewhere.  I also hope to have a shot at printing with a press which I want to make out of a pasta maker, instructions on YouTube and pasta maker arriving at Christmas, fingers crossed!!!

I am fond of working in 3D and have rekindled my love of making installations, both large and small, depicting industrious clambering clay men, “Busy Bods”, engaging in silly tasks played out on various backdrops of either canvas, metal, reclaimed materials or even sometimes cake!!!  I have also recently discovered wire sculpture and am ‘hooked’, although the sharp wire is a bit hard on the fingers, knees and tracky bottoms, I just love it.

  • Uphill –clay figure clambering on part of a larger box canvas installation – 17×24 inches
  • Robin – Bobbin – galvanised steel wire and chicken wire with aluminium mesh     size – 5x8x3 inches
  • Wooliam, Jumper and Cardy – galvanised chicken wire     size – life sized or there abouts!