Martin Copp

Lockdown in 2020, determined walking in the valleys rather than on the fells for the most part.  It was quickly realized that there were significant opportunities to make contrasts between the fells and the valleys created.  The dominance of the fells is evident in the work presented except that vigorous flora appear to interrupt that dominance weaving its own structure as if the mountains hardly exist.  The incongruity of the 1970s houses in a landscape brooded over by the vastness of Skiddaw should be clearly observed and there is an element of a less harsh landscape in the painting (and ink drawing) of Grasmere from Allen Bank.  Colour is applied methodically producing a print like quality showing some influence from the work of travel poster illustrators of the 1930s. 

The figures are simplified studies demonstrating both the scope and limitations of pen and ink rendering.  They are the result of many life-drawing sessions at the GoFigure group and demonstrate influence from numerous sources; principally the Art Nouveau movement.

  • Skiddaw from Braithwaite, coloured pencil on black paper, 40 X 60cm
  • View from Applethwaite 1, pen and Ink, 40 X 50cm 
  • View from Applethwaite 2, watercolour, 30 x 40cm
  • Grasmere from Allen Bank, watercolour, 30 X 40cm
  • Grasmere from Allen Bank, pen and ink, 30 X 40cm
  • Untitled, pen and ink, 15 X 25cm
  • Untitled, pen and ink, 30 X 30cm
  • Untitled, pen and ink, 30 X 35cm
  • Untitled, pen and ink, 30 X 35cm