the news, carbon pencil, 80x56cm
untitled 3619, A3, charcoal
“idea”, pencil on A2 approx
birth of venus -life drawing. Graphite and carbon on A2 cartridge paper.
“stepping out” – coloured pencil on O.S. map,2012
G headphones film 22-1-21
curious – or portrait of a 2 year old. 30x41cm. Derwent graphic pencil.
sad angel, pencil, 40x58cm
anatomy class, pencil, 40x58cm
Zoom children
wired for sound. Graphic pencil. 40cmx40cm
feral, carbon pencil and graphite powder
“St Ives School of Painting and Tate Building”, Graphic pencil, A2
“extinct baby griffins” – Derwent graphic pencil on Daler heavyweight paper 25x25cm
g knitting 01-2019 1276 A2 carbon pencil
Eve and the serpent, pencil on O.S. map, 30x40cm