Rowena Beaty

I felt lucky to be able to spend lockdown in the garden and workshop, unlike so many people confined indoors. I carved a ‘locked down’ figure and a medieval plague guardian for the house. 

  • Locked down , Ancaster stone, 40x26x16cm
  • Plague guardian, Ancaster stone, 26x17x10cm

I felt an odd sense of time standing still so a wonderful Seawhite concertina sketchbook helped as a daily diary. And being able to work in the studio gave me a focus 

  • sketchbook
  • Stretching figure Ancaster stone 35x20x13cm

The two angels represented resilience and hope in a bleak and anxious time. And also to welcome the birth of a grandson! (Definitely the happiest event of the year). 

  • Gritstone Angel  Millstone grit 53x23x13cm
  • Tobias’s Angel Lincoln Limestone 38x38x11 cm

We had a long hot spring drought followed by heavy rain; as a result, I became fascinated by the flow of water (rivers, estuary, tides) and how to describe that energy in stone. Capturing movement at a time of lockdown felt cathartic! 

  • River column  Lincoln limestone 112 x15 x12cm
  • Undercurrent Lincoln limestone 30x70x20 cm
  • Aegir tide Ancaster  stone 30x20x12cm

I have really missed our Friday GoFigure sessions!